SHOWSTAK has supported Wielton exhibition in Hannover Messe at one of the worlds biggest Logistic trade show. SHOWSTAK has provided a design and a technical solution to create the most eye-catching booth in the trading hall. The setup contained Fly Rail beam trolley with LED screen attached.

The screen was moving from side to side in front of the truck trailer to create an effect of an X-ray that was revealing the construction of the trailer and was displaying the information about the vital parts and technology. The whole system was integrated with a multimedia system via 3D media server so the visualizations could match the position of the screen. The second part of the setup was a chandelier made of two independent LED rings of different size so that one could go through an another. Our programmer has created a looping „coin” effect on the rings – a move that requires zero-speed system to provide a perfectly smooth effect.

Also, constant movement through so many hours during each trading day required a temperature monitoring of the machinery in order to avoid an overheat. SHOWSTAK has brought the system that provides both traits – Kinesys Apex system with 14 zero-speed hoists.

Thanks to its part – Mentor 4, we could also distribute additional emergency stop buttons across the exhibition area to increase safety while moving the constructs near the crowd.




Hannover, Germany