Kazachstan Expo 2017

In 2017 Astana, Kazakhstan was hosting Expo 2017.

The organizers were looking for a special kind of product, which was nowhere to find – a lift that would fit underneath the stage and could go below and above the stage level.

On very short notice SHOWSTAK was approached by Cirque du Soleil and ordered to prepare the project and manufacture the Stage Lift. Within eight weeks SHOWSTAK’s R&D department managed to produce the lift from the scratch and deliver it from Poland to Kazakhstan.

The Stage Lift was used for Cirque du Soleil show – artists and acrobats were being lifted from below the stage to two meters high above it. Safety is always first, so Stage Lift was equipped with various kind of safety measures, like laser curtains, anti-guillotine system, emergency stop buttons. Also, the lift had to be very stable, because acrobats were performing on it while it was moving. In order to ensure stability and prevent the motor from jamming, Stage Lift has a combination of spiral lift and telescopic guides.


KAZ - Project


Astana, Kazachstan