Alejandro Sanz la Gira tour

Alejandro Sanz 2019 la Gira tour, was a very demanding show.
SHOWSTAK not only had to face a very demanding safety standard of the project but also to ensure very precise planning of the installation and logistic, to fit in short periods of time between shows.

The idea was to combine the vertical and horizontal movement.
Moves had to be very precise and fluent, so the best choice was to use Fly Rail system combined with Kinesys Apex system.
SHOWSTAK has provided 200 meters of Rail to move 6 LED cubes.
Cubes had no back wall so the smaller cubes could go inside the bigger cubes. This caused an uneven distribution of weight, so SHOWSTAK had to use hoists of various size – from 500k to 1250 kg.

Hoists were hanged on Fly Rail, so the cubes could move both in the vertical and horizontal dimension. The constructs were flying very close to each other and above the artist, so there had to be very precise programming and additional safety measures – a lot of emergency stop buttons were distributed on the stage, each controlled by SHOWSTAK crew, also there had to be an additional load monitoring, so SHOWSTAK has combined Libra system with Apex. On the back of the stage, there were two 20 meters wide screens hanged on 12 Liftket hoists each, with Kinesys Elevation 1+ system.

The combination of Apex and Elevation 1+ system required a connection via Kinesys Mentor 4 to connect emergency and signal of both systems. Everything
was controlled by Kinesys K2 software and synchronized with visualizations via D3 server.


Alejandro Sanz


Europe, USA, Mexico